Web Security Platform

The Foresight Web Security Platform is the only solution on the market that can deliver unsurpassed security  hand-in-hand with better performance.  Other solutions on the market improve one at the expense of the other.  Our solution is comprehensible, manageable, practical, and scalable.  We help you control your environment, manage changes and threats in real-time and stay focused on what’s important.

As a result of streamlining web security operations, we are also improving the time-to-market ability. Website changes along with new products, processes and business rules are delivered in near real-time and with no downtime for users.  By leveraging the power of the global cloud, we can keep performance optimal even during an attack. Global cloud provides as much scalability, bandwidth and load as needed at any time

Foresight delivers ultimate website performance with unsurpassed protection against all types of malicious cyber-attacks of today and tomorrow.