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Defacement attack?
It can happen to anyone!

Foresight Defacement Mitigator.
Detect. Redirect. Mitigate.

Demo it now!

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Shorter, smarter white list.
Best security.
Least effort.

Traditional WAFs, no more.

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Simplify WAF operations? Save costs?
Future-proof website security?
All time availability?

See how!

Or even better,
all of the above?

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Intercept and neutralize all types of attacks, holistically.
Throw whatever you want at us—Foresight can handle it!

DDoS, Malware,
Bots & Brute Force,
SQL Injection, Zero Day attacks…

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Virtual web application patching and hardening
prevents security breaches, Zero days and more.

Problem solved!

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Foresight cloud-based website security platform

protects against malicious cyber-attacks of all types

Foresight Approach

Our approach is different which is why our customers experience tremendous results.

Mapping and Analysis

Automatically map web site operations and content (not traffic).

Automating A Smart White List

Attack surface is minimized and an automated targeted white list is created which embodies business transaction rules.

Decoupling & Identification

Business logic is separated from the Presentation layer (which we call Secure Front Ends) and then Foresight differentiates between predictable and unpredictable requests for handling.

Replicating Secure Front Ends

Web site replicas are generated on global clouds - Secure Front Ends (SFE) and predictable requests are served by SFEs.

Pre-Emptive Monitoring

Dashboard provides real-time visibility into malicious traffic so you can manage attacks effectively, rapidly and preemptively.

Mitigation Services

Unpredictable requests are validated against security policy by White List and then routed to Mitigation Services for validation. If rejected, they are blocked and do not reach Backend Systems. Legitimate requests are securely routed to Backend Systems for handling.

Who is Foresight?

Foresight provides a complete, cloud-based web security platform that protects web sites against malicious cyber-attacks of all types. Our customers—Financial Services, Retail/E-tail and Media companies–are already profiting from tremendous improvements in security and performance.

The Foresight Solution comprehensively addresses your security concerns by providing a complete Web Security Platform protecting all layers of your environment- network, host, and application. Foresight addresses all types of malicious attacks including DDoS, Zero Day, Malware, Defacement, Brute Force and more.

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Foresight Benefits

There are several vital differentiators to the Foresight solution. First of all we analyze the website itself, and not the traffic, which substantially minimizes your attack surface. Our white list is automated and we can produce an infinite amount of web site replicas leveraging the global cloud.

The solution delivers optimal performance at all times even while under attack. And cloud elasticity delivers as much load and bandwidth that you need at any time. Both operational and maintenance costs are reduced considerably with our solution.

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